Holds & Challenges


For Stage 1 we will accept hold reservations up to two months in advance. For Stages 2 and 3 we accept holds one month in advance.

If you are the first production to request a hold for a specific date, or "first hold,” you will have first right of refusal, meaning that space will not be rented on that date to another production without your consent, subject to the terms of our Challenge Policy below. Subsequent requests will be added to the calendar in the order they were placed as second, third, or fourth holds.

All holds are automatically released one week prior to the date being held. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be notified that your hold is being released at that time. It is your responsibility to confirm your dates at least one week prior to your production to avoid potentially losing your date(s) to another company.


All holds are non-binding and open to challenges by other productions looking to rent our stages. If another production challenges your hold, you will be notified by email and required to either book or release the date(s) within 24 hours of notification. If you have a second or third hold, you will also be notified of the challenge and be given the same 24-hour deadline. Second or third holds must wait for the first hold to release dates even if they have indicated during a challenge that they would like to book.

If a challenge is successful or a production with a hold is challenged and confirms it would like to book dates, that production has 48 hours to sign a Location Agreement and deliver payment or the dates open back up for rental to other companies.

Cancellation of a booking after confirmation is subject to cancellation fees outlined in the Location Agreement.