About RSI

Welcome to Riverfront Stages

In 2003 five industry professionals came together and RSI was born.

Their aim was to create a turn-key stage space with versatile top notch standing sets and a low friction environment that met the high standards they themselves expected from service providers during their decades of combined film and television production experience. They found a nice building for rent next to the L.A. River and named the company Riverfront Stages, Inc., but a larger Sylmar property nowhere near the L.A. River soon became available so they moved the company into the larger space while keeping the original name.

In 2008 RSI expanded into what is currently Stage 1 in Atwater Village and began to operate in two locations twenty miles apart. Over the next five years they continued upgrading Stage 1 by adding sets while acquiring additional parking areas, production offices, and mill space as neighboring properties became available.

In 2013 after leasing two additional buildings across the street from Stage 1, they developed what are now Stages 2 and 3 and moved out of the Sylmar space to consolidate all operations in Atwater where they continue to this day to improve, expand, and provide the highest quality production experience for companies of all sizes - from network TV and blockbuster studio features to PSA’s and student films.

Building on the success of the stage operation, in 2015 the Riverfront team launched RSI Locations, a full service location management and representation company to take their deep knowledge and client-focused approach out on location. The goal for both Riverfront Stages and RSI Locations remains as always to be straightforward, welcoming, and adaptable to our clients’ needs while providing a clean and convenient production environment for industry veterans who expect to be treated with the same level of professionalism those five industry professionals demanded when they started the company.