Stage 1



The Morgue set is extremely versatile as a Morgue, Scientific, and Medical set. The Morgue drawer wall contains eight metal doors that open and close manually. In additional to the Morgue drawer wall, three alternate wall plugs that can go in its place, easily transforming the set into a Medical look. Additionally, two adjacent anteroom nooks provide depth on the outside areas of the Morgue set.


  • Most walls are wild

  • Morgue drawer wall is a plug that can be removed and replaced with alternate wall plugs to transform the look of the set

  • Removable hard ceiling tiles cover the entire set

  • Overhead practical lights included

  • Overhead light fixtures included

  • Alternate uses: Dr's office, Hospital room, Emergency room, Operating room, DNA lab, Jail warden's office, Police check-in room, Interrogation room, Science lab, Jail Visitation